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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iPad Jailbroken & cydia running!

Will Strafach has posted the first images of Cydia running on the iPad. His iPad was jailbroken using the 'Spirit' jailbreak by Comex.

"I didn't think anything could be faster than ra1n or gp. @comex proved that wrong. It works so naturally. All he needs now is an ego inflation and he'll be the new @geohot! *g* In all seriousness though, top notch stuff. "

Take a look at the images below...

*thanks to iclarified*


  1. This is a spam free website...

  2. I thought this new jail break was for all i products what about 3gs 3.1.3 fuck the ipad that shit is a big brick most of these people on your blog are 3gs 3.1.3 users. so please jailbreak 3.1.3 before the summer i need it now. i want to donate but thers nothing for me to donate for i guess ill have to wait...fuck this i cant wait waited long enough

  3. The new jailbreak/unlock is aimed at all of the devices (iPhone, iPod, & iPad) however the release date is what is coasing the most trouble. We have another post explaining exactly whay the jailbreak/unlock was not released yet, and it gives you a timeframe on when it should be released. Once a jailbreak is avalibe we will post a step by step tutorial to make it easy for you to jailbreak your device. When the jailbreak is reeled it will be for the 4.0 firmware not the 3.1.3, please read the link below for more information, and follow our site for updates on apple news and tutorials...

  4. Follow this link for a better explaination about the jailbreak/unlock release date Jailbreak/unlock